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Feeling so blessed!

    March 7th was a huge day and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to speak at the Cisco Writer's Club.

    I joined back in November, and I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy getting together with fellow writers in my area. I never dreamed that being a part of this group would open such amazing doors!

    Also a huge thank you to Jeff Duncan and KTAX 97.7 for hosting Miss Ruth and I earlier that morning - my only regret was that I forgot to take pictures!

For more information on the Cisco Witer's Club, click here and learn about their annual writing contest!

Work In Progress

I went on a writing weekend in November to finish what I thought was the final edit of The Shaloma. It was an amazing weekend and I left completely blown away by what I was able to accomplish without any distractions!

I've left the story to rest for the last four months because something just hasn't felt right or finished about it. The time away has given me clarity on what is missing and I am so excited to jump back into the world of Eeden!

Check back often or follow me on YouTube and Twitter - release plans and a cover reveal are coming soon!!.

Random Happenings

Taking classes to become a certified book and writing coach

Still living tiny, but embracing more of a minimalist lifestyle

Continuing to enjoy my work as an Activity Director in LTC

What's On My Desk

  • The Talebearer - Memoir - Still peeling away the layers. This one is a struggle!
  • The Children of Keshet - Space Opera - The first book from the series, preparing to go into a fast-draft rewrite.

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Updated 02/28/2021